Clubs and Societies

We have over 200 sports clubs and social societies offering something for everyone, regardless of your degree subject.

There are many cultural, political, religious, social and sporting interests are catered for, and there are a number specifically for internationally students. You can join a society that is for people on your course, or like the Harry Potter Society, for people who share an interest or appreciation for a subject.

Sports clubs range from the typical rugby and football to some you may never have tried before like korfball or ultimate frisbee. All of the clubs have members with a wide range of abilities, you can join to play for fun, or might be a bit more competitive and represent the university in matches across the country.

You can also join Student Media which are student run media groups such as a newspaper, magazine, TV station or radio station. By joining Student Media you will learn skills using professional equipment and can see your work in print, on the airwaves or on screens around the university.

Student Volunteering Cardiff is one of the UK’s largest student-led volunteering organisations. There are approximately 1,000 volunteers working on more than 30 projects with disadvantaged and vulnerable people. You can choose how much time you’d like to volunteer for and it will give you a great opportunity to meet people and enhance your CV.

Becoming a member of a club or society provides you with excellent opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills, pursue an existing hobby or find a new one and make the most of your time in Cardiff!

How to join

During Freshers’ Fortnight, there will be a ‘Societies Fayre’ and a ‘Sports Fayre’ where all societies and clubs will be available for you to meet and join any which interest you. Societies usually charge a small membership fee of roughly £2 – £5; although any specialist equipment used may cost more. Clubs charge a base fee of £10, and then anywhere between £5-£75 depending on the nature of the sport and specialist equipment.
Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If the Union isn’t already doing it, then why not set it up yourself? The Students’ Union welcomes students to band together and setup new societies and sports clubs, so if your interest isn’t being catered for head into the union, gather some like-minded friends and start it up yourself.

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